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Tell a story with cards

Start with an idea 😻

Everybody loves cats, right?!

Design a series of themed art

Greedy cat, envious cat, proud cat! More cats! Meow meow meow!!!

Upload and add rarities and descriptions

Greedy Cat, an extra rare card: "He lives in a big house and steals from all the alleycats…"

The artist experience

"Art Snacks"

Twenty different foods, twenty different tastes, but none of it will ever go to waste!




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"Working with NeonMob has been a great and rewarding experience. My series have been met with interest and appreciation from the audience, and I got a lot of positive vibes and exposure from other online blogs and magazines." Marija Tiurina, Creator

"Tik Tok & Time"

When an evil wizard casts a spell to stop time, two young lovers must work together to restart the clock.




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"NeonMob is awesome. Working with them is one of my favorite art experiences, and the community has been nothing short of amazing. I regret nothing." Rob Cham, Creator

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