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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does NeonMob work?

    NeonMob is free to use and anyone can create one account. Artists from around the world create original, limited-edition trading card series and offer them for sale and for free to our large and rapidly growing community of collectors. Collectors build collections by opening random packs of cards, trading with other collectors, and discovering new series. Collectors receive free packs daily but can also buy packs if they want to grow their collections more quickly.

    Learn more about how NeonMob works.

  • What is a series?

    A series is a set of images with a unifying theme, created and uploaded by an artist and then released on NeonMob. Each image is its own “card” within the series. A series can contain anywhere from 15 to hundreds of cards. Each series receives a difficulty rating from Beginner to Near Impossible, based on its size and effort to complete. On launch, series have either a finite number of each card created (Limited Edition) or are available for only a specific amount of time (Unlimited Edition). After a series has gone out of print, the only way to collect the cards is through trading.

    Learn more about the difference between series Editions.

  • What Is The Difference Between Amateur and Pro Series?

    Amateur series are released on the site for free - meaning the artists also do not earn any royalties on them. All amateur series are available in unlimited quantities for two months before going out of print.

    Pro series have several tier options for collectors - along with free packs, Pro series have card packs available for purchase with either carats (site currency) or credits (purchased via USD). Artists earn royalties on all credit pack purchases.

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  • How do I create a series?

    Before you submit, be sure to read here about our rules on fair use and originality. These rules apply to both Amateur and Pro series.

    A NeonMob Series needs a minimum of 15 distinct images, but can have as many as you feel up to creating!

    Within each series, images are distributed across five “core” rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Extra Rare. There are also two special rarities: Chase, for the most special or unique cards, and Variant, for sketches or other alternate views.

  • What makes a good series?

    Artists have created series about monsters, cats, plants, abstract shapes, fantastical landscapes, and countless other themes. The most successful series feature beautiful imagery, creative storytelling, and a unique perspective. Go to Collect to see what's popular on the NeonMob marketplace today, but remember – the tastes of collectors are always changing, so get creative! More on best practices for creating a series.

    More on creating a series in the Creator Handbook, or check out our extensive FAQs.

  • How do I earn money on NeonMob?

    For each Pro series published on NeonMob, creators earn 30% of any revenue generated by pack sales. The potential amount a creator can earn depends on its series type, the type of card packs available to purchase on their series, and popularity with collectors.

    Learn more about selling, or learn more about series editions.

More on Creating a series in the Creator Handbook, or check out our extensive FAQs.