NeonMob Policy on AI-generated images (“AI Art”)

Policy as of May 10, 2023

Images created in any part with generative AI trained on content you do not have rights to use are not allowed in either Pro or Amateur series. This includes most popular generative tools such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. You may submit images created with AI-based tools, such as smart brushes or shading assistance, as well as fully algorithmic generative approaches like fractals. You may also submit images from a model trained exclusively using your own artwork. (Props to you if you do; this is currently very technically challenging!)

Generative AI can produce visually stunning images, and it can be a tool in a larger artistic process. However, at the moment, AI-generated images largely depend on training models created by scraping artwork from existing online galleries without the artists’ knowledge. Even images significantly edited are created on this base of scraped work, and we’ve made the decision not to allow them on NeonMob. We may revisit this policy in the future if the scraping and unattributed artwork issue is addressed by further developments made to AI technology. 

AI-based Series submitted prior to May 1, 2023

All existing AI series will be discontinued/marked out of print on June 1st. Until then, packs from AI series will still be available, though only at the Freebie or Pro Freebie level. We understand that series completion is important to many NeonMobsters so we are not removing these series from the site entirely.

 Existing AI series will be clearly labeled with a banner so that users are able to distinguish between non-AI and AI-generated series. 


What if I think a published series is AI?

All series released on NeonMob go through review by a real live human, so while we will do our best, there is a chance that AI series will occasionally slip through. Please send a message to and we will investigate, which involves reaching out to the series creator and other due diligence.



  • Fractals

  • Using non-generative AI-based tools (Photoshop smart brushes, shading/light source assistance, etc.)

  • Training a model exclusively on your own art


  • Images from generative models trained on art you don’t have rights to (Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, etc.) even if you’re modifying it

AI Series submitted before May 01 2023:

  • All series discontinued/Out of Print June 01, 2023

  • Only Freebie and Pro Freebie packs available until then

  • Series still available to trade after June 01

  • Labeled clearly as AI