About NeonMob

NeonMob is an online card game with a vibrant and thriving community of independent creators and art lovers that combines the fun of collection with the celebration of art. With thousands of unique series across all subjects and styles there’s always something new to discover - and every card you pull, purchase, or trade, helps to support the continual creation of original artwork. NeonMob is free to play, and anyone is welcome to submit a pitch for a series - whether you’re a newbie collector, pro artist, or anywhere in between, there’s a place for you on NeonMob!

Since 2012, NeonMob has been a home for people who love art - whether making it, sharing it, or just appreciating it. The NeonMob team are longtime members and supporters of the online and offline art community, and are passionate about delivering a high quality experience to both collectors and creators, as well as making sure its artists are compensated for their efforts.