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Lost Realms

By JR Schmidt

"Lost Realms is a glimpse into a world I have always dreamed of visiting. These landscapes are incomplete and uncertain, pointing to the vast terrain, stran...

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Imperial Archipelago (Day)
Crater Spire (Day)
Sultan's Oasis (Night)
Volcano Mesa (Night)
Hedon Jungle (Day)
Tres Lunas Cove (Night)
Kanji Highlands (Night)



By Cleonique Hilsaca

We live each day and night enveloped in crude reality and that is when our minds linger into unknown worlds and adventures, where we can let ourselves fre...

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Blue Flowers
Dancing with Cats
Hide and Seek
Leave Fears Behind
Red Riding Hood



By Cole Lemke

Oceanopolis is home to a delightfully diverse and kooky crowd of creatures. Animals who live in the water: they're just like us humans!

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Bringo the Coroner
Explorer Jacques
Soomo & Boomo
Toog the Defender



By Rob Cham

The Confictura, a guidebook to the world of Kala, a place found somewhere in the vastness of the multiverse. Here you will discover its many creatures, oddit...

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Sky Whales
Ancient Goblin War Machine
Ancient Fox Spirit
Fenir, Chicken Warrior
Elephant Monk
Sea Elemental
Part Two of Ten

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